Is Coyote Hunting with Crossbow a Good Idea?

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Is Coyote Hunting with Crossbow a Good Idea?

Coyote hunting has been in existing for many decades, and it’s one of the common forms of predator hunting. Humans have widely participated in this activity, but hunting coyotes has always varied from one country to another. Some people have used methods like trapping, hound hunting, and calling to eliminate these predators.

There are many questions you will come across in many hunting forums. But, “is coyote hunting with crossbow a good idea?” has always caused a lot of buzz in these forums. The good thing is that it is possible and a good idea to hunt coyotes using a crossbow.

A crossbow will easily kill a coyote, but you have to show some sense of valor and unparalleled crossbow hunting skills. Coyote hunting is not for the faint of heart, as you will be in the field alone and at night. You have to bring your A-game, have patience, and stay focused, as this can be one of the most exciting and unforgettable crossbow hunting experiences.

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Barnett Crossbow

Using a Crossbow to Hunt Coyotes-Everything to Know

Crossbows have been in use for many decades for shooting sports and are widely used for hunting. The technology in bow designs has grown immensely over the years, and you will not miss an excellent design for your hunting adventures. When it comes to hunting coyotes, a crossbow may be ideal equipment if you know how to use it and understand the laws that govern their use in your state.

Most importantly, you experience level matters when hunting coyote with a crossbow. Many experienced hunters flinch when using a crossbow for the first time, and this is a mistake when hunting a nocturnal predator like a coyote. Others fail to judge the distance to the target in the dark everything can seem deceptive if you are not brave enough.

Hunting coyotes with crossbows is not a bad decision or idea as these predators are known to attack humans, especially children. Some people hunt these animals for their fur, trimmings, food, and fat. No matter your reasons for hunting coyotes, you have to keep in mind that your crossbow hunting skills will be put to the test.

Coyote hunting will change your skills as a crossbow marksman and an enthusiastic hunter. Coyotes are cunning predators and not easily fooled into death traps. You will need a strong understanding of how they move from one location to another and their behavior to sway them in a crossbow range.

Tips for Hunting Coyotes with a Crossbow

Hunting coyotes with a crossbow can be a great experience and even make it look easy if you know how to go about the entire process. Many crossbow experts and hunters have done it before, and you can still pursue such an adventure with one of the best hunting tools on the market. There is hope if you love using a crossbow for hunting. And here are tips to guide you in your adventures.

Plan When to Hunt or Scout Coyotes

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You don’t want to make the mistakes of hunting coyotes where they don’t reside or frequent. Scouting the area will help set traps and find out where they call home. Look for transition areas where there are grasslands, creeks, valleys, or croplands. Try and think like a predator hunting for prey.

The apparent truth is that each season is excellent for crossbow coyote hunting, and there are also some challenges. Coyotes are wily and will avoid set-ups or come up with hunting tactics to suit a specific season. Depending on your reason for hunting coyotes, consider the best time to hunt these predators.

Time of the day is also crucial when hunting coyotes and most successful hunts are done early in the morning, at night, or evening. Coyotes will rest during the day to avoid high heat levels and won’t be looking for food during a sunny afternoon. Spare your time and scout or plan when to hunt coyotes.

Locate More Tracks

To easily hunt down coyotes, you have to find them. If it’s during snowfall, wait for fresh tracks. If it’s a rainy or stormy day, find these new tracks. Visit waterways as they are perfect spots for coyotes, and you can locate fresh tracks on rivers, streams, or watering holes. Fresh tracks will point you in the right direction, and you will easily find where these predators are roaming.

Give them a Call or Listen Up

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If you are planning to hunt coyotes in the evening, listen for their calling. If you don’t hear any calling, try and move to the next spot. Female coyotes don’t travel far away from their homes, while males stay within a specific range farther from their homes.

You can also give them a call using electronic or mouth calls. Calls are a vital element of coyote crossbow hunting and mimic animal noises or distressed sounds from predators. Try to call them in if possible and put your crossbow into work.

Play the Wind

As you hunt down coyotes, don’t neglect the wind direction as coyotes have an extraordinary sense of smell. You should be considerate when choosing a perfect spot for your set-up. Ensure the wind is in your face when calling or tracking the predator.

Keep in mind that these predators are witty and will approach your call from the downwind side. Try and use elevation to be in the best crossbow hunting position. Elevating will also make it easy for the predator to respond to your call, and you will be in a better position to shooting with your crossbow.

Enlist the Assistance of a Hunting Friend

You will have more ears and eyes when you buddy up for coyote hunting with crossbow adventure. One of you can stay downwind from the electronic call or caller and wait for the coyote to sneak around and wind them. If you are in crossbow range, go on and take the shot as the coyote is unaware of your presence.

Mind Your Scents

Try and improve your odds of getting to the crossbow range of shooting coyotes by avoiding unique scents. Your target coyote will easily smell odors that are not natural. So avoid strong smell soaps, deodorants, and shampoos. Use the coyote’s urine to mask your own scent as well as spur them closer into your crossbow shooting range.

Don’t Spoil Your Set-Up

Your positioning is important when it comes to coyote hunting. Check whether the wind is right. Choose effective hunting spots, and you will be in the best shooting range or position.

More questions will arise as you plan about coyote hunting and enjoy the adventure. One key question that will arise is, what coyote hunting must-have gears should you invest in?

Final Thoughts

Hunting coyotes with a crossbow is a good idea if you know how to go about the whole process. However, you have to figure out where to set up, avoid exposing yourself and use calls appropriately. Feel free to also learn from experienced coyotes hunters or crossbow hunting marksmen.

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