What are the Best Turkey Calls for Beginners? (Here are 4 great calls you’ll love!)

Best Turkey Calls for Beginners

I still remember getting my first turkey call. I was new to bow hunting back then and didn’t know much about getting the right equipment. Because I bought something too complicated to use, I ended up having a hard time during my hunting trip.

Are you a new turkey hunter? Are you looking for the right turkey call for an upcoming hunting trip? Today I’ll be explaining the differences between the different types of turkey calls for new hunters. Then I’ll give a roundup of what I think are the best turkey calls for beginners.

Ready? Read on!

Table of Best Turkey Calls for Beginners

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What Kind of Turkey Call is Suitable for Beginners?

Push Button Call

The push button call is probably the simplest and the easiest to use out of all the turkey calls available in the market today. In fact, it’s so easy to use that many veteran hunters find it embarrassing to use one.

However, I believe that a beginner hunter would benefit from using a push button call, if only because it will allow him to familiarize himself with the right sounds that turkeys make without worrying about how to operate the tool correctly. After all, you only need to push the button on the box and you can already imitate a turkey’s yelps and purrs.

If you do decide to use a push button turkey call, be careful not to let it get wet or moist with dew. Many push button turkey calls get easily ruined when exposed to moisture, affecting the sounds they produce.

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For a quick tutorial on how to properly use a push button call, check out this short video:

Box Call

I’ve heard that box calls are a favorite among novice turkey hunters, and I certainly understand the appeal. While it might be a bit more complicated to use than a push button call, a box turkey call produces sounds that are carried to farther distances. This means that you have a higher chance of attracting turkeys to your location because they could hear you from far away.

A lot of box calls are made of wood, making them sensitive to rain and moisture. The good news is, there are manufacturers that produce waterproof box turkey calls which make the same quality of clucks, purrs, and yelps that a regular wooden box call does.

Because box calls are usually operated using both hands, you might find it a bit tricky to use if you need a free hand to operate your weapon. Still, I think the box call is a good starter call to practice on before moving to the more complicated ones.

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Want to know the right way of using a box turkey call? Check out the video below:

Slate Call

Slate turkey calls are often shaped round (hence the term “pot call”), and are made of either slate, glass, ceramic, or any other material that produces turkey sounds when partnered with a striker. Many strikers are made of wood, but they could also be made of carbon or other materials.

I find that slate turkey calls are harder to use than a push button turkey call or a box call, but I love how you can make more different turkey sounds with it. Depending on the angle or direction you use your striker, you can produce either a high-pitched yelp, a soft purr, or a frantic clucking sound that would send turkeys running to your direction.

If you want to make the most of a slate call, I recommend investing in one that has two or more surfaces. For example, you can buy a slate call that has a glass and a slate surface, so that you can alter your turkey call depending on the situation.

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For a quick tutorial on how to properly use a slate call (no matter which surface you use), check out this video:

The Best Turkey Calls for Beginners

1. Knight & Hale Moonshiner Turkey Pot Call Review


Knight & Hale Moonshiner Turkey Pot Call Moonshiner Crystal Over Acrylic Turkey Pot Call

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I seriously love Knight & Hale’s Moonshiner turkey call. It’s like having the best of both worlds when it comes to a turkey call for beginners. Not only can you easily change surfaces as the need arises, you can easily produce different sounds because the striker is so easy to use. I definitely recommend getting this turkey call for your next hunting trip.

One thing to remember, though, is that like most crystal over acrylic calls, the Knight & Hale Dual Threat & Slate Turkey Pot Call is a bit harder to use than the other two types of turkey calls. But with a little practice, I’m sure you would get the hang of it and use it effectively during your hunting trips.



  • Flip-sided design to easily change surfaces from glass to slate or vice versa
  • Produces realistic tones in different volumes which works well for both short-range and long-range calling
  • Glass side produces high-pitched tones perfect for long-distance calling, even in harsh weather
  • Slate side creates low, mellow tones suitable for short-distance calling
  • Includes a waterproof diamond wood striker with an internal resonator that is easy to work with
  • Made of durable materials that make the call strong and sturdy
  • Handy and ergonomic design, with ridges around the edges for a no-slip grip
  • Good value for your money



  • Might produce a raspy sound with continuous use
  • Does not work as well when wet
  • Slightly harder to use than a push button call or a box call
Knight & Hale Moonshiner Turkey Pot Call Moonshiner Crystal Over Acrylic Turkey Pot Call
  • Specialized machined acrylic pot
  • High end crystal calling surface
  • Unique acrylic sound board

2. Primos Hook-Up Magnetic Box Call Review


Primos Hook-Up Magnetic Box Call

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When it comes to turkey calls, Primos is a brand that both novice and veteran hunters trust. I love how they make their products from high-quality materials, assuring customers that they are getting their money’s worth for each purchase.

From its lineup of impressive products, the Primos Hook-Up Magnetic Box Call is one of my favorites. It has a patented magnetic hinge design that creates realistic turkey clucks, purrs, and yelps, even for long-distance calling. And because of its magnetic hinge, you won’t have to worry about misplacing your paddle because it will automatically snap back into place.

Just be careful not to get it wet because it tends to produce unnatural sounds once the magnets get moisture on its surface. Still, I think this is a good investment for beginner turkey hunters, especially for the price it’s selling for.



  • Manufactured by a trusted brand known for its high-quality materials and practical designs
  • Patented magnetic hinge design creates realistic turkey clucks, yelps, purrs, and other turkey sounds
  • Strong magnetic hinge allows the paddle to easily snap back to its original place
  • Paddle is removable to minimize chances of accidental sounds
  • Box does not need any tuning adjustment
  • Comes with a gobble strap
  • Great design and easy to carry around
  • Good value for your money



  • Item might come with a chip when delivered
  • Does not come with a thumb groove
  • May produce unnatural squeaky sounds when exposed to moisture
  • Requires you to apply chalk at regular intervals to keep the sounds natural
Primos Hook-Up Magnetic Box Call
  • Quality materials used for all primos products
  • 100 percent designed and tested for the toughest situations and environments
  • Whether you are a professional, recreational user, or even casual, primos will fit the mold for...

3. Lynch World Champion Turkey Box Call Review


Lynch World Champion Turkey Box Call

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I’ll admit it’s not my favorite design, but I still find that the Lynch World Champion Turkey Box Call has its own charm. For one thing, it has a unique two-sided construction that allows you to make not just hen sounds but gobblers, too. Each box is handmade, which I find adds a personal touch to the product.

Wary about low-quality plastic materials? Don’t worry! This turkey box call from Lynch is made of straight-grain mahogany wood, so you can rest assured that it will produce natural and realistic sounds that plastic box calls can’t replicate.

My biggest beef with this product is that its rubber bands get dry quickly so you may need to replace them with something more durable after (or even before!) your first use. It’s also a bit more expensive than other box calls, so you may want to consider your budget first before buying one.



  • Comes with a unique two-sided construction that produces both hen and gobbler sounds, depending on the side you use
  • Handmade from straight-grain mahogany wood, adding a personal touch to each product
  • Made with materials that produce realistic turkey calls that plastic box calls can replicate
  • Produces loud sounds that can carry over long distances for long-range calling
  • Nice and handy size that is easy to carry around



  • Rubber bands are often brittle and would easily dry out, and may need replacement after one or two uses
  • Hen side is on the left side, making it a bit tricky to use for right-handed people
  • More expensive than other box turkey calls
Lynch World Champion Turkey Box Call
  • Unique 2-sided construction lets you create hen sounds on 1 side and gobbler calls on the other
  • Straight-grain mahogany wood reproduces realistic calls you won’t get from plastic
  • Great for both beginners and experienced hunters, and a favorite for more than 75 years

4. Harmon Scents – Humpin’Hen – Turkey Box Call Review


Harmon Scents - Humpin'Hen - Turkey Box Call - CCHTBC - Spring Gobbler -Turkey Call

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The simplest turkey call in my list, the Harmon Scents – Humpin’Hen – Turkey Box Call is, predictably, the easiest to use. All you need to do is push the tip of the stick outside the box and you’re good to go. I think this is what makes it such a good beginner turkey call if you just want something easy to use.

Unlike generic push button calls, however, this product is handcrafted with walnut wood, with a new and improved design to make it easier to use and tune. Despite its simple design, it can produce realistic turkey clucks and purrs for a wide variety of calling situations.

Of course, because it is made of wood, it’s susceptible to damage when it gets wet. It’s also pretty big, so it’s a bit of a trouble to carry around, compared to other turkey calls.



  • Very simple and easy to use—just push the tip of the stick up and down and you’re good to go!
  • Crafted with natural walnut wood, with a new and improved design to make it easier to use, tune, and maintain
  • Produces realistic clucks, purrs, and yelps, depending on different environment situations



  • Wooden construction makes it fragile, especially when wet
  • Bulky design makes it a bit difficult to carry around during your hunting trip
  • Might be embarrassing to carry around because it’s so simple to use
Harmon Scents - Humpin'Hen - Turkey Box Call - CCHTBC - Spring Gobbler -Turkey Call
  • The Humpin' Hen is a premium grade two sided box with a built in purr call so you can mix and...
  • Makes simultaneous purrs that attract challengers
  • Accurate and winning calls--the yelp, cluck, cutt, putt, purr and whine


If you don’t mind doing a bit of hard work, I recommend investing in the Knight & Hale Moonshiner Turkey Pot Call. It already comes in two surfaces, which gives you more options to change your calls depending on your hunting situation. It’s also designed ergonomically so it’s easy and comfortable to hold in your hands.

If you want something a bit easier to operate, then I suggest going for the Primos Hook-Up Magnetic Box Call. Its magnetic hinge design assures you that you won’t lose your paddle in the middle of your trip, and it can produce loud realistic calls that even turkeys from far off spots can hear.

Did this list help? Do you have other recommendations for the best turkey calls for beginners? Let me know in the comments’ section below. Happy turkey hunting!

Knight & Hale Moonshiner Turkey Pot Call Moonshiner Crystal Over Acrylic Turkey Pot Call
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